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Sex Crimes and Immigration

Any conviction for an offense involving sexual assault, child abuse or any other kind of sexual abuse can carry severe consequences for both citizens and noncitizens alike. These consequences include possible lengthy prison sentences, high fines, civil liability, sexual offender registration (commonly known as Meghan’s Laws) and inability to secure employment.

Immigration law, especially in the many ways it intersects with criminal law, is no different. People convicted of sexual offenses can face extremely harsh immigration consequences, including ineligible to petition for family members, deportation, and a permanent bar from returning to the United States.

West Chester and Media Sexual Offenses and Immigration Law

If you are a legal permanent resident, visa holder or a person without legal status in the United States and are facing any type of immigration decision after being arrested or convicted of a sexual offense, it is critically important that you contact an immigration lawyer right away. Even if immigration officials do not place a detainer on you, there is no guarantee that they won’t arrest you later.

Violent sex crimes, including rape, sexual assault and domestic violence, and crimes against children, including child pornography and child sexual abuse, can result in serious repercussions in Immigration Court – including the Philadelphia Immigration Court and York Immigration Court.

At Skinner Law Firm, we are both immigration and sex crime defense lawyers, able to handle all aspects of a criminal case in consideration of any resulting immigration consequences. Call us today at (610) 436-1410 to schedule a consultation right away. We represent clients throughout Greater Philadelphia and the tristate area, including Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery and York counties.

Information on Sexual Offenses and Immigration Issues

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Deportation and Inadmissibility After Sex Crime Conviction

Many sexual offenses are considered aggravated felonies under immigration law. Aggravated felonies include:

The above list is not exclusive. If a noncitizen is convicted of a sex-related aggravated felony, he or she will almost certainly be deported. Deportation for an aggravated felony means a lifetime ban on returning to the United States. If someone is deported based on an aggravated felony and seeks to enter or is found in the United States, he or she may face federal charges and imprisonment up to 20 years.

Even sexual offenses that are not aggravated felonies may result in removability. A conviction may be considered a crime involving moral turpitude. The term “crime involving moral turpitude” is vague and undefined under immigration law, but many sexual offenses fit the definition. Convictions for any crime involving moral turpitude will also result in you being inadmissible to the United States, which means you will not be able to obtain a visa or renew a green card. In addition, you can still be placed into removal proceedings even if the sex crimes don’t fit the term crime of moral turpitude. For example, if your conviction involves domestic violence, stalking or references sexual abuse of children, there will likely be immigration consequences.

It is absolutely critical you call an attorney who knows both criminal law and immigration law. if you are a noncitizen and are arrested for any sexual offense. The attorneys at Skinner Law Firm can represent you in criminal proceedings and structure your case to avoid immigration consequences. Even if you have already been convicted, an attorney can assist you in immigration proceedings to secure the best outcome for you and your family.

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Fighting Sex Crime Convictions in Criminal Court

As indicated above, conviction of a sex offense can have very dire consequences. Even if you serve no jail time, you can still be deported. If you are currently facing a sex offense in Chester County, Delaware County, or any other county, the best way to avoid immigration consequences is to avoid the criminal conviction. A sex crime defense lawyer will fight aggressively for your rights in criminal court. At Skinner Law Firm, we fight to get charges dismissed and fight against sex offender registration. Your immigration status is less likely to be affected if you can avoid such a serious criminal conviction.

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Finding an Attorney for Sex Crimes and Immigration

Whether you have been accused, arrested or convicted of a sex offense, we can help you.  At Skinner Law Firm, we are focused on criminal defense lawyers and immigration. Call us today at (610) 436-1410 to schedule a consultation. With offices in West Chester in Chester County, PA, we can begin your case today.

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