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After a criminal accusation is made against a student, they can potentially face a student disciplinary action if one is brought by the student’s college or university. In many cases, the student has also been charged with a criminal offense that is pending at the time of the disciplinary hearing. After a disciplinary proceeding is initiated, the student will receive information on the proceedings in a Rights and Options Guide and a Notice of Judicial Conference form.

If you have been accused of a criminal act, and face a disciplinary action by your school, it is important to hire a criminal defense to avoid the most severe repercussions, including potential expulsion from school.

Chester County College Student Disciplinary Hearing Attorney

Contact the Skinner Law Firm today at (610) 436-1410 for a consultation about the particular facts and circumstances surrounding your college disciplinary hearing. Attorney Michael J. Skinner represents students accused of criminal violations throughout Pennsylvania, including the areas of West Chester in Chester County, Media in Delaware County, Norristown in Montgomery County, and Lancaster in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Student Disciplinary Hearing Information Center

Pre-Judicial Conference in Pennsylvania

After a disciplinary proceeding has been initiated against a student, the student will receive a Notice of Judicial Conference form stating the offenses allegedly committed by the student under the Student Code of Conduct. The notice must provide the student with the date, time and location of the judicial conference. A hearing officer will be assigned to the proceeding, and the student will be provided with the hearing officer’s contact information.

Upon receiving this notice, the student must go to the judicial conference or be subjected to additional penalties. At the judicial conference, the hearing officer provides the student with a chance to discuss the circumstances that surrounded the allegations. Anything said by the student to the hearing officer can be used against the student in subsequent proceedings. The hearing officer will explain the charges against the student, the student’s rights and various options available to the student. The hearing officer will also explain the possible sanctions that can be imposed for each violation charged.

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Judicial Conference Procedure in Pennsylvania

At the judicial conference, the student can either admit or deny the allegations made in the Notice of Judicial Conference form. If the student denies the allegations a formal judicial hearing will be scheduled. The student can choose either a hearing before the University Judicial Board or an Administrative Hearing.

If the student admits the charges, the student will be asked to sign a form known as the Waiver of Hearing. Within 10 business days after the waiver of Hearing is signed, the student will receive written notification of the sanctions to be imposed by the university.

If the student does not agree with the ultimate outcome of the judicial conference, the student can file a written appeal with the Office of Judicial Affairs within five days of the exit date noted on the Sanction Assessment form.

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The Student’s Rights at the Formal Judicial Hearing

The student has the right to have another person attend the formal judicial hearing. That person can be either an attorney or a non-attorney advisor. The student has a right to testify at the hearing or to call witnesses that agree to appear on the student’s behalf. In certain cases, particularly when criminal charges are pending, it may not be in the student’s best interest to testify about the facts that led to the allegations.

Likewise, the student has the right to examine any documents or evidence presented at the hearing. The student has the right to contest the testimony and evidence presented at the hearing. Specifically, the student has the right to present questions that should be asked to any witnesses that testify against the student.

Even if the student does not testify about the facts surrounding the accusations, the student does have the right to present evidence about the student’s character.

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Resources for Student Disciplinary Hearings in Pennsylvania

West Chester University of Pennsylvania is the fourth largest university in the Philadelphia region and is among the top regional comprehensive public universities in the country. West Chester University (WCU) was founded as an institute for teacher preparation, and education is the most popular major today. The WCU judicial affairs office is located at:

WCU Office of Judicial Affairs
238 Sykes Union
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: (610) 436-3511

WCU Student Code of Conduct – Each student at WCU is issued a Student Code of Conduct that can be found in the Ram’s Eye View Student Handbook or can be found at this website.

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Finding an Attorney in Pennsylvania for a Student Disciplinary Hearing

Contact the Skinner Law Firm today for a consultation about your student disciplinary hearing in Chester County or Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Michael J. Skinner will make every effort to help you find applicable defenses and avoid the most severe consequences of your alleged criminal offense resulting in a student disciplinary hearing. Call (610) 436-1410 for a consultation about your felony or misdemeanor offense resulting in a student disciplinary hearing.


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