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Immigration law is undoubtedly one of the most complex areas of U.S. law. Immigration statutes and policies are constantly evolving as a result of political opinion, issues of national security, and humanitarian considerations.

United States immigration law is governed by federal law, primarily the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (“INA”) and Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (“IIRIRA”).

Immigration law and policy may be enacted by an executive order and further expounded by judicial interpretation. Such legislation is often convoluted and may be restricted or expanded at any time. Understanding the constantly changing laws and developments in the field can be challenging; therefore, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced immigration attorney. The experienced attorneys at Skinner Law Firm are here to assist you to navigate the complexities of immigration law.

The process of legally entering the United States or obtaining lawful status can be complicated and arduous due to the fact-intensive nature of the field. No two cases are exactly alike. The immigration relief or benefits available depend on various factors; including but not limited to, manner of entry into the United States, fear of persecution in the alien’s home country, criminal victimization in the United States, the lawful status of immediate family members, and possession of advanced degrees or special skills. Improperly or untimely applying for benefits can further complicate and jeopardize your case.

Allow the immigration attorneys at Skinner Law Firm ensure your case is handled in the most efficient and skillful manner. The attorneys at Skinner Law Firm handle all aspects of immigration law; including deportation defense, family-based immigration, employment based immigration, visa programs, naturalization, and deferred action.

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Immigration Lawyers in West Chester, PA

Whether you are seeking to obtain or renew a visa or green card, if you or a loved one has been detained and/or is facing removal, a skilled West Chester immigration lawyer can make the difference between success and failure. Often times, success and failure equate to either being able to remain in the United States or being forced to leave the United States. Call today at (610) 436-1410 to set up a consultation.

At Skinner Law Firm, we represent people on both criminal and immigration matters throughout the Philadelphia and suburban areas, including Berks, Bucks, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, and York Counties. We represent clients throughout the tristate area before the Immigration Courts in Philadelphia, York and beyond.

Resolving Both Criminal and Immigration Matters

Criminal law issues, particularly criminal convictions, affect non-U.S. citizens much differently than U.S. citizens. It is incredibly important for a non-U.S. citizen to consult an attorney who is experienced in both immigration law and criminal law. An attorney who understands consequences of “crimmigration” – or the affects when both immigration and criminal matters intersect – is essential to securing the best outcome.

Criminal issues may prevent an individual from receiving an immigration benefit, such as a visa, permanent residence, or citizenship. Further, these issues may cause an individual to be subject to removal or deportation from the United States. The attorneys at Skinner Law Firm, are experienced in both criminal defense and immigration law.

The immigration attorneys at Skinner Law Firm are knowledgeable about where criminal law issues and immigration law intersect. They will work zealously to ensure each client receives the best possible result based on their unique circumstances.

As earlier stated, criminal issues are one of the many reasons an individual is placed in removal or deportation proceedings. It is important to understand criminal proceedings are different from removal proceedings. While a criminal proceeding may result in a reasonably favorable result (acquittal, probation, or minimal jail time), criminal issues may still create a danger of removal from the United States. Removal proceedings are conducted differently than criminal proceedings.

Immigration judges are granted considerable discretion when determining whether a non-U.S. citizen may remain in the United States. The attorneys at


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