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An Occupational Limited License (OLL) is a restricted driver’s license given to a driver whose license is suspended. The OLL allows for suspended drivers to continue driving under restricted conditions, such as for work, medical or school purposes.

When a driver applies for an OLL, PennDOT will review the case, the driver’s driving history, and either approve the OLL or deny the OLL. PennDOT may also revoke an OLL if comes to find out a driver is not complying with the conditions.

West Chester Occupational Limited License Attorney

Attorney Michael J. Skinner represents individuals charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and who may need driver’s license assistance in West Chester, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding areas in Delaware County. Contact the Skinner Law Firm today for a consultation regarding your DUI and occupational limited license at (610) 436-1410.

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Requirements for Occupied Limited License in Pennsylvania

In order to qualify for an OLL, a suspended applicant must submit an application and required documents to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. After reviewing the application, PennDOT will either approve, deny or request more information to complete the application. Along with the application, PennDOT will require proof of financial responsibility for all vehicles, employment, school or medical verification and information about a driver’s daily commute.

Not all drivers with suspended licenses qualify for an OLL. A driver whose license is suspended based upon the following violations is not eligible for an OLL:

  • 3345 — Passing a school bus;
  • 3742 — Accidents involving death or injury;
  • 3367 — Racing on highways;
  • 3743 — Leaving an Accident;
  • 3732 — Homicide by Vehicle;
  • 3802 — DUI (possible exceptions);
  • 3733 — Fleeing a Police Officer;
  • 1533 or 6146 — Failure to respond to a citation;
  • 3734 — Driving without lights;
  • 1543 — Driving while suspended (possible exceptions);
  • 3735 — Homicide by Vehicle/DUI;
  • 1786 — Failure to maintain financial responsibility; or
  • 3736 — Reckless Driving.

An OLL license is not available to defendants who are placed on ARD, cited for underage drinking or who violate other serious traffic offenses.  In addition, drivers who were cited for underage drinking or were convicted of a Controlled Substance Act violation cannot obtain an OLL (exceptions apply).

PennDOT will only issue a defendant one occupational limited license every five years.

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Exemptions for Certain Defendants for an Occupational Limited License in Pennsylvania

Only certain DUI defendants can apply for OLL. A driver whose license is suspended based upon a DUI may apply for an OLL if the DUI was a first offense. The OLL cannot be issued until 60 days has passed from the date of suspension.

A driver whose license is suspended based upon a second offense DUI with an 18-month license suspension, or whose license is suspended based on a refusal that resulted in an 18-month suspension, may apply for an OLL once the first 12 months of the suspension have been served. In addition, second offense DUI drivers must have the ignition interlock installed on all vehicles.
Furthermore, drivers who were cited for underage drinking may apply for an OLL if the violation is the first offense.

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Occupational Limited License Attorney in Chester County and Delaware County

If you have been charged with DUI and wish to obtain an occupation limited license as part of your case in Chester County or Delaware County, contact the Skinner Law Firm today. West Chester criminal defense attorney Michael J. Skinner will hear the facts of your particular case, and make every effort to help you obtain the best licensing results. Contact the Skinner Law Firm at (610) 436-1410 or submit an online form for a consultation about your occupational limited license questions or concerns associated with your DUI offense.


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