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The state of Pennsylvania takes allegations of any criminal sex offense very seriously, and prosecutors will typically seek maximum punishments in these types of cases. If an alleged offender was under the age of 18 at the time of the alleged offense, prosecutors will often seek to have him or her tried as an adult rather than in juvenile court.

This can result in severe punishments involving lengthy imprisonment and heavy fines as well as enormous long-term consequences. It is critical for alleged juvenile offenders to make sure that they have strong and capable legal representation to protect their rights.

West Chester Juvenile Sex Crimes Lawyer

If your child has been charged with any type of sex offense in Pennsylvania, you will want to immediately contact an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney. As a former Assistant District Attorney for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, Michael J. Skinner has a thorough understanding of how these types of cases are handled and what weaknesses there might be in the prosecution’s case.

The Skinner Law Firm aggressively defends minors from Chester County and Delaware County against criminal charges. Call our firm today at (610) 436-1410 to let us review your case during a free, confidential consultation.

Chester County Juvenile Sex Crimes Overview

Juvenile Sex Crimes Charges in Pennsylvania

Some of the sex offenses listed in Pennsylvania Statutes carry very harsh penalties, and an alleged juvenile offender who is tried as an adult may be charged with any of the following offenses:

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Juvenile Sex Crime Penalties in Chester County

For sex offenses in which specific penalties are not indicated, an alleged offender can face the following consequences if he or she is tried as an adult and convicted:

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Pennsylvania Juvenile Sex Crimes Defenses

Despite the immediate sense, an alleged offender has that he or she is already considered guilty needing to prove his or her innocence, there may be any number of defenses that can result in these charges being reduced or dismissed. Some of these defenses can include, but are not limited to:

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Working with an Attorney After Your Child’s Arrest for a Sexual Offense

Michael J. Skinner understands the tremendous shame and stress these allegations create for alleged offenders, especially on young adults. The Skinner Law Firm can provide a complete and thorough evaluation of your case so you can understand all of your legal options. Call (610) 436-1410 right now to take advantage of a free consultation.


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