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In American, people are proud of their property and endeavor to protect it. Sometimes they make this very evident by posting signs, other times it’s not so apparent. Sign or no sign, however, criminal trespass is still a crime. Trespassing may seem like a minor issue, but penalties for criminal trespassing are punishable as a felony in many circumstances.

Whether the trespassing charge is a summary offense or a felony, the burden of proof still falls on the prosecution, so hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney could greatly benefit your defense.

West Chester Criminal Trespassing Lawyer

If you have been charged with criminal trespassing in West Chester or the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, including towns in Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Lancaster County, it is imperative that you hire a criminal defense attorney with your best interest at heart.

Michael Skinner is the founder of Skinner Law Firm and a skilled criminal defense lawyer with years of experience handling cases like yours. He will fight hard to protect your rights while keeping your goals for defense in mind – even if that means pursuing your freedom through trial or appeals. Your first consultation is free and honest, so call (610) 436-1410 to schedule yours today.

Important Legal Definitions for Pennsylvania Criminal Trespassing

Occupied Structure – Any structure, vehicle, or place adapted for overnight accommodation or conducting business by a person, whether or not that person is present

Break Into – Gain entry by force, breaking, intimidation, unauthorized opening of locks, or through an opening not meant for human access

Agricultural or Other Open Lands:

Agricultural Biosecurity Area – Any of the following areas identified by posted notice as an agricultural biosecurity area and for which the owner has established procedures to inhibit the transfer of contagious diseases or hazardous substances:

Posted Notice – A notice posted in a manner that is reasonably likely to come to the attention of a person

School Grounds:

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Types of Criminal Trespassing in West Chester

Criminal trespassing comes in many different forms and is often more complicated than wandering on to someone’s land who doesn’t want you there. Title 18, Section 3503 defines the types of criminal trespass in Pennsylvania and their corresponding classifications. Penalties for these offenses are standard unless otherwise specified under the offense in the code itself. Your West Chester property crimes lawyer can help you understand your charges.

The types of criminal trespassing include:

Criminal Trespasser

Defiant Trespasser

Simple Trespasser

Agricultural Trespasser

Agricultural Biosecurity Area Trespasser

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Simple Trespasser Attorney in Pennsylvania

If you have been charged with a criminal trespassing offense in Chester County or Delaware County, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Skinner Law Firm. We will fight hard for your rights and your freedom. Call (610) 436-1410 to find out how today.


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