Do I Need an Attorney if My Child Was Arrested for Domestic Violence?

If your child has been arrested for domestic violence, your situation is complex. You love your child, and may want them to be able to come home. You may also want your child to experience the natural consequences of their actions, and to avoid a repeat of the actions that led to their arrest in the first place. If your child has been arrested for domestic violence, an experienced attorney can help you get the best possible outcomes for your family.

Can You Just Drop the Charges?

Many people mistakenly believe that if a child was arrested for domestic violence against them or another member of the family, they can simply drop the charges and move on with life. Unfortunately, the process is not so simple. Once your child is charged with a crime, the state will decide how to proceed.

You may be called on to:

  • Provide evidence about what happened
  • Attend counseling with your child
  • Testify about the incident in court
  • Offer an opinion about whether the child should be released
  • Explain how you will care for your child and prevent future incidents if they return home

Domestic violence is a crime, and the decision to press charges may be outside of your control—even if the act of violence was committed against you. A lawyer can help you understand the law, and how to navigate through the confusing process.

Will My Child Come Home?

Whether your child may come home depends on several factors. Are they the only child in the home? Was it a first-time offense or a repeat offense? Did the child commit violence against an adult who could reasonably defend themselves, or against someone who could not, like a smaller child, an elderly person, or someone who has a disability or illness? The answers to these questions are important, and will affect potential outcomes.

In some cases, your child may spend time in a juvenile facility, or face other consequences that will prevent them from returning home immediately. Depending on the child’s age and the severity of the charge, an older teen may be tried and punished as an adult. An attorney can help you understand all of the possibilities, and advocate for the best outcomes.

Support When You Need It Most

If your child is charged with domestic violence, you need a criminal defense attorney who will support you throughout the complex process. Contact the Skinner Law Firm online today, or call our office at (610) 436-1410 to learn more about how we can help your family.

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