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At Skinner Law Firm, we are trial lawyers dedicated to helping clients in the Chester County and Delaware County regions.  We defend and protect the rights of our clients.  For some people those threats come from criminal accusation, which could result in a person being incarcerated and losing essential rights and freedoms. For others, those threats come from the complications of our broken immigration system. For many, these threats come from both.

As criminal defense attorneys, we represent clients in Chester County and Delaware County against criminal charges, including DUI, drug crimes and domestic violence. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused and seeking the best possible result for our clients. If you are accused of a crime, we will work to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

We also advise and represent people facing issues with immigration status, including removal in Philadelphia Immigration Court, York Immigration Court and beyond. Many people face both criminal law and immigration law issues, as a criminal accusation can have a profound effect on one’s legal status. At Skinner Law Firm, we are capable of assisting people with both.

Michael J. Skinner, the founder of Skinner Law Firm, is a former prosecutor with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. He uses his experience on the other side of the criminal courtroom to defend those accused of crimes. He understands how prosecutors work and knows how the get the best possible outcome in criminal cases.

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