Case Results

The cases we take involve real people with real concerns. Clients put their faith in us because we focus on them, and no matter the allegation, every case gets our highest dedication and advocacy. Here is a small sampling of some results we’ve achieved.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

  • Not Guilty Verdict in Murder Trial

    Result: Not Guilty

    Client acquitted of murder after a week-long jury trial in Chester County Court of Common Pleas.  

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  • Not Guilty Boosts Client’s Fresh Start

    Result: Not Guilty

    A young Chester County man who wanted to make a fresh start asked attorney Michael Skinner for help with an active warrant for retail theft. The client was accused of shoplifting at a Marshall’s department store but evaded police.

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    The man was homeless at the time but had since secured housing and showed a genuine desire to turn his life around. Although the DA was willing to reduce the charges, both the client and attorney Skinner believed they could win their bench trial. The judge issued a not guilty verdict.

  • DUI Dismissed Due to Lack of Evidence

    Result: Charges Dismissed

    A Chester County driver was pulled over on a suspected DUI by an officer who claimed she was weaving and crossing the centerline. She called attorney Skinner to defend her against a potential fine, jail time, and loss of license.

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    During discovery, attorney Skinner obtained a copy of the dash cam video, which contradicted the officer’s story. The DA agreed that there was a lack of evidence, and the charges were dismissed before trial.

  • Second DUI Dismissed, Probation on Third

    Result: Charges Dismissed

    A client with two back-to-back DUIs in Chester County faced a minimum of one year in jail and a lengthy license suspension. Attorney Skinner successfully had the second DUI dismissed because the DA did not file within the year deadline.

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    From there, Skinner had the third DUI reduced to a low-tier offense because his client did not realize that refusing a chemical test resulted in a harsher sentence. Attorney Skinner argued that the client’s former ARD status did not qualify as a prior. In the end, the client had three DUI charges reduced to a single offense and received probation.

  • Strangulation Charges Dismissed Against Veteran

    Result: Charges Dismissed

    A veteran who has PTSD was accused of strangling his girlfriend. The client had memory issues and could not recall the details of the encounter, which occurred during the Covid lockdown in Chester County. Attorney Skinner successfully negotiated during the…

  • DUI, Possession & Resisting Arrest Charges Dismissed

    Result: Charges Dismissed

    A young male Coatesville resident was pulled over for a broken taillight. The police officer asked the client to get out of the car. The officer’s body cam video showed the police officer pulling the client out of his vehicle…

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    An empty plastic bag with cocaine residue was found by the client’s shoe while being processed. The young man was facing up to two months in jail and a year’s license suspension. Attorney Skinner argued to have the evidence suppressed, and all charges were dropped.

  • Firearm Charges Reduced to Disorderly Conduct

    Result: Charges Reduced

    When a new Chester County resident was pulled over in a traffic stop, she rightfully told the police officer that she had a legally purchased firearm in the glove box. A former resident of Virginia, the client was unfamiliar with…

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    She was charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and could have permanently lost her right to gun ownership. Attorney Michael Skinner negotiated a deal to reduce the charges to summary disorderly conduct.

  • DUI Charges Withdrawn

    Result: Charges Withdrawn

    A Chester County woman was pulled over by a police officer who claimed that she was driving erratically and weaving. He arrested her for a DUI.

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    Facing potential jail time and loss of license, attorney Skinner retrieved the dash cam video and began building her defense. The video ultimately showed appropriate driving, without weaving or the other behavior alleged by the officer. Because the video did not support the officer’s claim, the DA agreed to withdraw the charges.

  • Not Guilty of Felony Strangulation


    A domestic fight between high school sweethearts led to a felony strangulation charge for a Chester County man. The 20-year-old client had no priors but faced a minimum of one year incarnation for a 2nd-degree felony.

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    Although the victim presented a credible complaint, attorney Michael Skinner acquired evidence that weakened the prosecution’s case. The judge rendered a not guilty verdict, and the client was free to put this in the past.

  • Falsifying a Gun Application Dismissed

    Result: Dismissed

    A retired man contacted attorney Skinner after being charged with a serious felony for making false statements on a firearm application when he tried to buy a pistol at a gun show.

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    Apparently, he had been convicted of felony trespassing as a college student in the 70’s, but honesty believed the offense was expunged, and had later served in the Armed Forces for over 25 years, where he routinely used and possessed firearms. Attorney Skinner presented these facts to the prosecutor, and ultimately arranged to have all the charges dismissed.