“He gives me peace of mind.
He is my hero.”


5 Stars Review 5

“After I was charged, We did a lot of research to seek representation that was knowledgeable, seasoned and caring about the cases and the clients, because there was much to lose with any legal missteps that would greatly impact our young family. Through our first consultation with Michael J Skinner, Esq, and through every step of the process, I can honestly say that our stress level was greatly reduced by Michael’s calm, clear, concise, tactical and methodical approach to mounting an effective defense. His approach kept us prepared, on-track and thinking clearly without any empty promises. Although Michael said we would present well to a jury if going all the way to trial, he is a tactician keeping all his options open at all times. Michael took the time to understand all of the subtle nuances of my case with exceptional focus on those details which would help me. He then compiled and distilled those favorable details to persuade the DA’s office into an extremely favorable outcome, without going to a trial. He is a seasoned local that knows the ropes, the people and the system and drove the case through to a remarkable conclusion. I don’t think it is possible for a better outcome than what was achieved by Michael J Skinner, Esq, and I don’t think there is a better, more connected, seasoned and caring attorney than he is. Hire him. Don’t wait.”


5 Stars Review 5

“Mr. Skinner is an attorney who takes pride in assisting the less fortunate, everyone else wanted double the price and made false promises just to get your money. He was honest, the courtroom was trying to BURY my friend. He got the felony charges dropped. Mr Skinner always kept us updated about the case and was prompt with his responses. This is a valuable individual for your defense. He has a lot of knowledge and experience. He knows what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Thanks again Mr. Skinner.”


5 Stars Review 5

“There’s no better lawyer out there for the money, he’s worth every penny. Mr. Skinner is well known & respected by many judges & DA’s around PA especially Chester county & it goes a long way. If you work with him, he will get you what you want/deserve.”


5 Stars Review 5

“Attorney Michael Skinner was by far the best lawyer in Delaware County. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, as was his assistant Nichole. They were always available and ready to assist you, I would definitely recommend him to anybody looking for legal assistance.”


5 Stars Review 5

“If you are ever on Legal trouble Mike Skinner in the best. I’ve used him twice and both times have been completely satisfied. He is very nice and will work with to help get you the best possible outcome. I am very grateful to you Mike.”


5 Stars Review 5

“Mike Skinner is an excellent attorney. He was able to get me a lesser sentence and always treated me with respect throughout the legal process. His rates are more than fair and he genuinely cares about helping his clients.”


5 Stars Review 5

“Attorney Mike Skinner helped me immensely, even on such short notice. I was concerned regarding my case due to short preparation time, but Mike’s attention to detail and professionalism put my mind at ease. He is a great attorney and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance.”


5 Stars Review 5

“Mr. Skinner was recommended to me by the Bar Association and I couldn’t be happier and more at peace with the work he and his staff have done on my son’s case (charged with alcohol consumption by a minor).

Mr. Skinner and his staff have done a highly commendable job on my son’s case. He was able to reduce my son’s sentence from a potentially harsh fine, loss of driving privileges or even jail time, down to a few community service hours. His strong relationships with local judges have been developed over the years as a respected attorney, someone that has integrity and is a smart negotiator. He is highly professional and gave me realistic advice as he worked through my son’s case. His staff, especially Nichole, was always accessible for questions and gave me unending support throughout a very stressful time.

I am grateful for Mr. Skinner’s hard work and the outcome for my son. I would highly recommend Mr. Skinner.”


5 Stars Review 5

“I highly recommend Skinner Law Firm for legal representation. Michael was able to get me placed into the ARD program for 1st offenders. Getting into the ARD program is not automatic. Michael had to discuss my case with the DA and fight for why I should be allowed into the program. As a result, the probability is high that my record will be expunged upon successful completion of the ARD program, therefore, allowing any future employment opportunities that I pursue open for me. Michael and Nichole made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process as you truly feel that you are discussing your problem with friends.”