“He gives me peace of mind.
He is my hero.”


5 Stars Review 5

Mr. Skinner went above and beyond what was expected of him. He is very informative and knowledgeable. I had no trouble contacting him to answer questions or give me advice. Mike used his network of experience to get me ARD. I am very thankful and would hire Mr. Skinner again without question!”


4 Stars Review 4

I was involved in a potentially 2nd offense DUI, where I refused the Breathalyzer. So I was looking at jail time, plus a loss of license. Mike Skinner resolved this case in the best way possible, and I am eternally grateful for his advice and counsel.”


5 Stars Review 5

Going into Michael’s office I was nervous regarding my situation, but after a brief conversation describing my charges and the delicacy of my situation, Michael assured me he could easily handle this case and told me what he could do. Since then he has been very accommodating regarding balances, questions regarding my case, and other general court knowledge. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing charges in Chester County.”


5 Stars Review 5

Great experience and definitely recommend. I didn’t think I would ever need a defense attorney. But when I had to mitigate some false claims made against me, Michael was able to give me clear guidance on my legal options and explained each step of the process. He listened to me openly and told me where I stood legally. His office was stellar at knowing which forms to file, when, where and kept in excellent contact. No situation is predictable, but I feel like Michael and I navigated my circumstances as a team. He was attentive and upfront, telling me which issues to drop and which issues have legal merit/grounds to pursue. Michael and his staff were professional and thoughtful at every point of the process and I would work with his team again in the future.”