If you’re accused of writing or using a fake prescription (a prescription filled out by someone who isn’t a doctor or qualified nurse), then you can be charged with a serious drug crime. If you are a medical professional, you also can face penalties for violating the ethical standards of your profession, for writing an inappropriate prescription.

If you’re facing legal trouble related to a fraudulent prescription in Chester County, PA, contact Skinner Law Firm today. Fake prescriptions in Chester County are felony charges with significant penalties. But an experienced local defense attorney can explain your options and purse the best possible outcome, like a reduction, dismissal, or acquittal.

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Criminal Charges for Obtaining Drugs Through Fake Prescriptions

If you’re found with drugs you obtained through a fraudulent prescription, a prosecutor can charge you with acquiring a controlled substance by fraud, which is almost always a felony.

You can also face charges if an unscrupulous medical provider wrote the unnecessary prescription, or if you stole a doctor’s information to write the prescription yourself.

Here are some of the charges you could face:

35 P. S. § 780-113(a)(12) Class Offense Gravity Score
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-other narcotics, Sched I & II (100-1000 g) F 11
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-other narcotics, Sched I & II (50-‹100 pills) F 10
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-other narcotics, Sched I & II (10-‹50 g) F 8
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-other narcotics, Sched I & II (1-‹10 pills) F 7
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-other narcotics, Sched I & II (‹1 g) F 6
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-methamphetamine (50-‹100 g) F 10
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-methamphetamine (10-‹50 g) F 8
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-methamphetamine (2.5-‹10 g) F 7
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-methamphetamine (‹2.5 g) F 6
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-marijuana (10-‹50 lbs.) F 7
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-marijuana (21-‹51 plants) F 7
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-marijuana (1-‹10 lbs.) F 5
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-marijuana (10-‹21 plants) F 5
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-marijuana (‹1 lb.) F 3
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-marijuana (‹10 plants) F 3
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-Sched I F 5
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-Sched II F 5
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-Sched III F 5
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-Sched IV F 5
Acquisition of controlled substance by fraud-Sched V M 3

Fake Prescription Penalties

The sentence you face for a conviction depends on the type of drug, the amount of the drug, and other factors.

Schedule I and II narcotics are punished harshly by up to 15 years in prison and fines. For certain drugs, like methamphetamine, you face up to 10 years. For other controlled Schedule I, II, or III drugs, you face up to five years.

For Schedule IV and V prescription drugs, you face between 0ne and three years in prison.

Were You Coerced into Writing a Prescription?

A common problem is for physicians, psychiatrists, and qualified nurses to be coerced into writing prescriptions for relatives, romantic partners, and friends. Prescribing drugs for someone who isn’t a patient and who doesn’t need the medication is illegal and unethical.

Medical providers can be charged for writing fraudulent prescriptions, whether they wrote prescriptions for themselves or others.

This is often charged as delivery of a controlled substance by a practitioner, which is also a felony. The felony class and penalties vary depending on the type and amount. If you were threatened or otherwise coerced into writing the prescription, tell a defense attorney immediately.

How We Help with Fake Prescription Charges in Chester County

When you’re facing a fraudulent prescription charge, it’s important to talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We will thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding your arrest, including whether you were subject to an illegal search or seizure. If the police mishandled your arrest or the investigation into the alleged crime, then we might have a valid reason to ask for the case to be dismissed or for unlawfully obtained evidence to be ruled inadmissible.

If the prosecutor can move forward, we will develop a defense strategy. There might be room to negotiate having the charges reduced to a lower felony, or in some cases, a misdemeanor. Achieving lower charges can help you get a lower sentence. We’ll also discuss ways to mitigate the consequences of a conviction, including the best way to pursue a lenient sentence.

Charged with a Drug Crime in Chester County, PA?

We know drug charges are intimidating. You hear “felony,” and fear spending years in prison. But there are ways to fight back. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney, like Michael J. Skinner is the first step. He will thoroughly review the facts, explain your options, and fight to make sure this does not define the rest of your life.

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Article Author

Michael J. Skinner, the founder of Skinner Law Firm LLC, is a former prosecutor with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office.

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