Case Results

The cases we take involve real people with real concerns. Clients put their faith in us because we focus on them, and no matter the allegation, every case gets our highest dedication and advocacy. Here is a small sampling of some results we’ve achieved.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

  • Not Guilty Verdict in Murder Trial

    Result: Not Guilty

    Client acquitted of murder after a week-long jury trial in Chester County Court of Common Pleas.  

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  • Indecent Exposure Charge & Penalties Reduced

    Result: Reduced

    Client allegedly had sexual contact with two high school students.  After aggressive pretrial negotiations, the indecent exposure offense was withdrawn.  Client pled guilty to harassment and avoided registration.

  • Client Removed from Sex Offender Registry

    Result: Removed

    Client was represented by another criminal attorney when the client pled guilty to a sex offense. Client was required to register as a sex-offender.

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    Client subsequently hired Skinner Law Firm to challenge the registration requirement,  who successfully had the Client removed from Pennsylvania’s sex offender registry.

  • Possession with Intent Reduced to Misdemeanor

    Result: Reduced

    Client was caught with several pounds of marijuana-infused candy. Client was subsequently charged with felony drug trafficking.

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    During pretrial litigation, charges were reduced to simple possession and paraphernalia. All remaining charges were dropped and the client avoided a felony conviction and lengthy prison sentence.

  • Felony & Misdemeanor Aggravated Assault – Dismissed

    Result: Dismissed

    Client charged with assaulting a woman and breaking her arm.  Attorney Michael Skinner effectively raised a reasonable doubt about the woman’s story and credibility.  As a result, the district attorney’s office withdrew all felony and misdemeanor charges.

  • Obstruction Withdrawn & Expunged

    Result: Expunged

    Client accused of removing and hiding physical evidence from police while her residence was being searched. At the preliminary hearing, all charges were dismissed.  Charges were subsequently expunged from the client’s record.

  • Child Pornography Charges Dismissed

    Result: Dismissed

    Client was charged with possessing child pornography by downloading images from a peer-to-peer networking website. Skinner Law Firm aggressively defended the charges in pretrial litigation.  As a result, all charges were withdrawn by the district attorney’s office.

  • Theft & Bad Check Charges Dismissed

    Result: Dismissed

    Client accused of willfully failing to pay rent totaling over $16,000.   Michael Skinner successfully defended the case and all charges were dismissed.

  • Assault and Other Charges Reduced

    Result: Reduced

    Client accused of “ambushing” a woman outside her home with the intent to beat her up.  At the trial, Attorney Michael Skinner negotiated a favorable plea to a summary offense with no jail time or probation.

  • No Jail or Registration in Sex Crimes Case

    Result: Reduced

    Client was arrested for rape and kidnapping.  During the trial, Michael Skinner successfully challenged the credibility of the witnesses.  

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    On the fourth day, Skinner negotiated a Nolo Contendere Plea to a lesser offense of Indecent Assault.  (A Nolo Contendere Plea is a plea, but without admitting guilt.)  As part of the agreement, the Client avoided prison and having to register as a sex offender.